He walks beside me

He walks beside me……

I didn’t find my dad at home this time during my monthly visit to Malad. I looked everywhere for him but he wasn’t anywhere around. Where could he be? I thought to myself, and then it suddenly struck me. He lives where I do, in my city, in Noida. He walks beside me during my evening walk everyday. He waits at the park’s entrance and waves enthusiastically when he sees me approaching him. Every evening from eight to nine, is our special time. We discuss our day and whatever else is on our minds. He gives me tips on how to overcome the day to day problems and live a happy life.

His hand on my shoulder, pat on the back and his blessings make me happy and grateful for being alive and thankful for being his daughter. Dad encourages me to go the extra mile and never give up when I feel like throwing in the towel. He is there to support me and egg me on. I look forward to my evening walks and there hasn’t been a single day when he wasn’t there with me. He is the only constant in my life, from my birth and hopefully till my death. I know he will never leave me and go away because he loves me and is my most loyal and trusted dad-friend.

Although we communicate silently, sometimes I get so excited that I speak out loud and many a times, startle the people walking around. To them I am that Looney lady who talks to herself, but I don’t care a bit. Just because others can’t see him doesn’t mean he is not there. I see him, talk to him, feel his love, he lives in my heart and will always be there for me. I believe this fact and to hell with the world.

I love walking in the rain and the other day we both got thoroughly drenched while walking. We laughed a lot but completed our 30 rounds of the park. He loves the outdoors and bids me goodbye at the park’s gate, promising to be back the next day.

I didn’t want to hurt my family members’ feelings by informing them that dad no longer lives in Malad but has shifted to Noida, to be with me. Maybe because he knew I needed his support more than the others did? Or maybe because he loves me the most. After all I am my daddy’s favourite girl.

If you really want something, you can get it. You just have to wish for it with all you got. My wish has come true; my dad is always with me.

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