D is for DAD




She is a curse, a blemish on life.

A deep dark secret lurks in her sad eyes.

She craves his forgiveness, wants to make amends,

because her birthday brought his life to an end.


Daddy, please forgive me, I don’t understand,

Why life played this dirty game?

Ever since you have gone away,

I haven’t been the same.




Sulekha Rawat

11 thoughts on “D is for DAD

  1. Well of course it had to be DAD. But, you are wrong to think you are cursed or even responsible for his demise. Destiny played a cruel joke on you…please don't chastise yourself.

    1. Dazediva, Thank you for your kind words and the hugs. I started writing because of him, I had to share my pain or go crazy, which I did eventually but writing helped.

  2. My dear Sulekha,
    Please do not blame yourself. Based on what I've read in previous posts, there can be no doubting of your love for your dad. I only had my dad for a short while…he died when I was in my early teens, but there is never a day go by that I don't miss him. What keeps me from breaking down completely is I know he loved me and would be proud of the man I have become today. Keep courage Sulekha. The pain of your loss will never go away completely, but it will lessen with time. Thank you for sharing this very touching post.

    1. Andy, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sorry for your loss too. He is my inspiration to write and my role model.

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