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Fifty-Plus Grey Haired Pixie



My Night wear is angry at the wear and tear

I recall when it was worn solely at night

But since March, it’s only night wear all the time

The clothes I wore to go out lie out of sight.


Nightclothes are the attire I now always wear

My unmentionables, glad to stay hidden

Huddled all together in the dresser drawer

Rejoicing in their sudden new-found freedom.


The cosmetics also neglected, forlorn

My true colours emerge slowly, painfully

My hair may scream grey but my head is happy

Hair dyes seem frivolous, unnecessary.


The house slippers are well worn and oh so tired

My boots and high-heeled shoes, though, are well rested

My feet have never been softer and cleaner

In fancy pedicures, no longer vested.


My shoulder length hair, now a thing of the past

April began with a trim for the summer

May emboldened me to choose a drastic blunt 

Come June, there I was, going for the trimmer.


And now, after my adventures so risky

Here I am, a Fifty plus, grey haired, pixie!


By Sulekha Rawat

14 thoughts on “Fifty-Plus Grey Haired Pixie

  1. What’s in the colour …or the number .. your heart is just growing younger my fifty plus grey haired pixie !!what a wonderful poem !!

  2. Well done you for braving it all and realising how frivolous it has been all this while. This is the new normal of the pandemic on all of us – you are looking younger and so much fitter Sulekha

  3. Your poem felt like it had been written for me! What a sight we’ve all become…no thanks to the covid times! Loved the candour and wit of your beautifully woven poem! Cheers Sulekha!

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