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The Adventures of Roy’s Grandma

Roy and Grandma

Do you know Roy’s grandma? Did you see her yesterday and wonder why her hair was so frizzy and wild? It’s kind of a funny story. Grandma joined a gym after the birth of her grandson, Roy, in 2018. Grandma huffs and puffs at the machines for an hour daily. She goes through a rigorous routine everyday to lose the extra 10 odd kg she has put on over the last few years and to be fit enough to play in the park with Roy when she visits him.

Granny looks forward to the hot showers at the end of her workouts, which ease her aches and pains significantly. She carries her shampoo and conditioner, the travel size bottles, from home. Yesterday, as she washed her sweaty hair after a grueling workout, all was well until then. Next came the conditioner’s turn to tame her wild hair and make it look manageable, if not a silken mane. 🙂 But, as she was applying the conditioner to her hair, there was a lot of foaming and frothing happening on her head. Grandma thought she had picked up the wrong bottle by mistake, so she washed her hair once again. She then applied conditioner on her twice-washed hair after squinting at the label, as best as she could. Again there were bubbles galore on her head and she didn’t know what was wrong. Suddenly she burst out laughing because she remembered running late for her group class at the gym that morning, and had literally run out of the house after hurriedly refilling the shampoo and conditioner bottles without putting on her trusted spectacles. She had put shampoo in both the bottles by mistake. Mystery solved. 🙂

Another incident that comes to mind is when Granny had gone to see the movie, Sui Dhaaga, with her friend, Manee. They’d booked their tickets online and reached the theater just in time for the movie. They told the usher their row and seat numbers, which granny had checked, minus her glasses. He directed them to the front of the theater, pretty close to the screen. They sat down unsuspectingly and watched the movie. A nagging feeling kept granny uncomfortable throughout the movie. On reaching home, she donned her spectacles and rechecked the tickets. Granny has goofed up again, had seen the wrong seat numbers. Their seats had been in the second last row from the back. They had watched the movie while sitting in front row seats by mistake, thanks to granny’s poor eyesight.

So the moral of the story is when you are old and your eyesight is weak, you cannot afford to neglect carrying your spectacles. Ideally, they should be hanging around your neck for easy access. It is in your best interests to read the labels and also the ticket numbers carefully or you might end up shampooing your hair multiple times or sitting in the wrong seat while watching a movie.

Roy‘s grandma is a hoot. She has hilarious adventures every day and sometimes even her daily mundane routine turns into something super fun for her to enjoy and recount later to all her friends. Her family knows how she is wired, and is used to her quirkiness. Roy is new to the game and has a lot to learn about his weird grandma.

Sulekha Rawat

21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Roy’s Grandma

  1. Awww what an adorable grandma is Roy’s grandma 🙂 Reminds me of my own paternal grandma, always ready, always game for something new and always willing to laugh at herself, just like Roy’s Grandma. 🙂 Roy doesn’t know how lucky he is!

    1. Shailaja, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Nowadays I have been having so many oops moments that my husband has started joking that I am officially an old lady 😉 On a serious note, I can’t tell you how beautiful the feeling of being a grandmother is, I am blessed.

  2. A smile crosses althrough as you read the humble account of Roy ‘s grandma . Firstly , in this so malign world the purity n innocence touches your heart . Dear Grandma when you are with Roy keep writing a daily dairy which you can compile to a book ; Roy’s Grandma . Enjoy your time sweet .

  3. Roy has the sweetest and most adorable Grandmom. A grandmom full of life! Oh well all she requires is her spectacles! And she is raring to go after that. :: Welcome back Sulekha( though you are an integral part of the blogosphere)…. Its lovely reading your post after a really long time.

  4. Hey, Sulu!!!
    So good to see you on your blog after such a long time! And, with such an adorable post! SO cute!
    I can totally relate to your story. I too am blind without my specs and can’t do a thing without them. So, while in the shower, it does get difficult if I am trying a new shampoo or body lotion or something. I squint and squint and then just make guess work and go ahead and then check it afterwards with the specs.
    We are growing old!!!

    1. Shilpa, hehe. I have found a solution to the shampoo and conditioner problems. I take different sized bottles to make identification easier . Yes, we are getting older but smarter and cuter

  5. Roy’s Grandma, you could be anybody and the person you choose to be becomes our hero. You have always created so much from so little, always a pleasure to read your articles. cheers

  6. Awww I absolutely love this hilarious and adorable account. Tell Roy, her grandma is the best and the blogging community is happy to see her back in action! 🙂

    Lots of love!

    1. Awwww, Aditi. How sweet is my blogging community Thanks for your lovely comment. Love reading your poems and posts and seeing the beauty of the picturesque Locations you travel to.

  7. I have shampooed with conditioners and brushed teeth with face cleansers. By the time I’m a grandma, not sure what else I’d be up to! Enjoyed reading this–it made me chuckle.

    1. Thanks, Damyanti. It’s a pleasure to write my thoughts and get such a warm feedback. I was away from my blog for almost a year and this is my first post since then. Hope to be regular and consistent.

  8. This sounded fun while reading while I am sure it must have been a pain to have rough hair after repeated shampooing and a hurting neck from sitting in the front row in the theatre. No doubt it is your happiness from being a grandmother. Carrying along your glasses wherever you go is a good enough advice which I keep reminding my mother as well.

  9. Aww this was adorable. I like Roy’s grandma :-). I can how much fun he’s going to have with her. One piece of advice though: Keep those glasses out of his reach or they’ll have a short life .

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