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Do Not Be Afraid #WednesdayVerses


Why are we afraid

Of things going wrong always?

Trust the universe


Let it be, my dear

You can’t control everything

Que Sera, Sera


Do not fear the dark

The unknown could surprise you

Face each day with faith


I do not take risks

My comfort zone keeps me safe

Is safety enough?


Afraid to jump high

She crawled everywhere she went

Leap of joy felt good


Oh world, bring it on

Give me your best shot each day

I am not afraid

The blogging prompt at Write Tribe is ‘AFRAID’

Linking my post to #WednesdayVerses

17 thoughts on “Do Not Be Afraid #WednesdayVerses

  1. Very inspiring, Sulu..especially for …”Do not fear the dark/the unknown could surprise you/face each day with faith”..I so needed to read these lines!
    Thank you! ❤

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