1. This sounds so great and terribly adventurous. Do take proper precautions. I love your packing and unpacking. Always happens to me :-).
    All I dream of is to take off to somewhere like panchagani or mahabaleshwar for a day. Even that would be so liberating.

  2. Thank you for the linkback Su – that felt so good (btw I have plenty of ladakh tales on my blog)

    I am so looking forward to knowing how you fared out there – your pics and adventures, pls share all!!

    Loved your packing and unpacking woes- happens to me as well. Now I have started packing a night before leaving (tho my mental checklist kicks in days in adcance and I know where everything is) 😉

  3. Go! Sulekha! This is great news! Solo travel rocks and I absolutely love it. Having a supportive family helps a great deal! I am impressed with your level of prep and I am pretty sure you will have a memorable and enjoyable trip. Safe travels! <3

  4. wow, good going. I have never really traveled alone. It might sound silly, but my first thought is: how will I stay ‘alone’ in the hotel.
    Loved your list, and my weight also doesnt see eye to eye 🙁

    • Corinne, I was warned by many people about the high altitude and motion sickness while traveling to Leh-Ladakh but surprisingly I wasn’t afraid. Thank God I didn’t fall sick there, I knew I wouldn’t 🙂 I am getting my story together, it is an interesting one. Thanks…

  5. Rajlakshmi

    Woaa a solo trip to Ladakh sounds amazing… Love all the preparations you are doing. Specially the efforts to gain stamina and stay physically fit. I wish load of best wishes… And hope this trip is relaxing as well as adventurous

    • Rajlakshmi, my exercise regime helped me in staying healthy and fit while on my trip. I managed to enjoy my trip without taking any medicines, though I had carried a bagful 🙂 It was the best trip I’ve ever been on, thanks.

  6. Wow! Now this is something I would love to do myself someday! Let’s see…
    You have fun, Sulekha! Make the most of it and come back and blog about it, so we can get tips for our solo trips!
    Wish you a wonderful time!

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