An Act of Kindness #Gratitude

An act of kindness by a stranger


It was an ordinary day. While at the store buying a few grocery items for the weekend, I happened to tell the cashier that I had missed out on getting a bottle of honey along with the rest of my purchases since it wasn’t stocked on the shelves. My receipt had already been printed and he was waiting for me to hand over my credit card to him, when the woman standing in the queue behind me pointed to the back of the aisle and told me that a fresh stock of honey had just been put up there. I was stuck in the narrow passage with the laden trolley blocking my path; she offered to get me a bottle from the aisle.

She hurried back with the bottle and handed it over to me with a smile on her gentle face, I was pleasantly surprised at her kind gesture. The cashier too wasn’t annoyed by the delay caused, waited patiently for her to come back from the far end of the aisle. I thanked her and told her that her act of kindness made my day special. I also informed her about my Gratitude Journal, the entries I make in it daily and how I read the positive things that happen to me every day before going to bed. This brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart, I sleep better and wake up feeling charged up to face yet another day.


The cashier had been listening to our conversation intently and called out to me as I was exiting the store. He asked me a question I wasn’t expecting to hear. “Ma’am, can you predict the future? Are you an astrologer?” He had seen my crystal bracelets and huge stone rings and come to the conclusion that I was a Jyotishi (Astrologer). He further asked me if I could read auras of people. He didn’t believe me when I told him I was just an ordinary person with a keen interest in crystals and their healing effects, hence the many crystal bracelets adorning my wrists. I had on bracelets of Sodalite, Prehnite, Howlite, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Jade and Rose Quartz.

I would have walked out of the store and forgotten all about this incident but for his simple statement that made me give him a second look. “I have a lot on my mind, I think a lot.” I wish I knew how to counsel him, he looked worried, but also hopeful of getting answers to his problems from me 🙂

I don’t even have the answers to my problems, am living one moment at a time, learning from the mistakes I make along the way. If I had to give him advice on dealing with stress and problems, I would tell him what I do. I focus on getting through each moment with honesty, happiness and kindness, this way my head rests easy on the pillow and I have no regrets.


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By Sulekha Rawat

17 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness #Gratitude

  1. That was really a wonderful gesture on the lady’s part. Such kindness does light up our days and I feel sorry for that man who had so much on his mind and was hoping for some respite from you.

    1. Thanks Rachna, he even took my number and asked if he could call me with his problems. I couldn’t say no to him but wish he could talk to a qualified professional, hope he doesn’t need to call, ever.

  2. Your gesture of listening to the cashier was enough for him for the moment. It’s very liberating to share our burdens with a stranger knowing that we won’t be judged. Well done, Sulekha. I’m sure you will help the person lead a better life.

  3. So much goodness in the world 🙂 This really made me smile. So nice of the lady to have helped you and how wonderful of you to have listened to the guy. I hope he felt a little less burdened.

  4. Beautiful.. acts of kindness such as these make us look at the more positive things in life. Yup we all need to rest our heads on our pillows with lesser regrets

  5. Such little impromptu conversations – like the one you had with the other customer and then with the cashier are nicely indicative of the power of connection if we stay open to the goodness of people. A feel-good post, Sulekha. I liked it very much.

  6. What a sweet and heart-warming incident, Sulekha! I do what that lady did very often, because somehow, each time I visit the supermarket, there are invariably women managing young kids in the queue. I would love to see your bracelet! Hugs and thank you so much for joining the Gratitude Circle bloghop. Hope to see you there again – linky will be live on June 30! 🙂

    1. Vidya, it was my pleasure. That lady belonged to your clan 🙂 I too do the same for young mothers and senior citizens. I love wearing my crystals, will share a picture 🙂 Thanks a ton.

  7. Such a warm post Sulekha… And seeing such acts of kindness from strangers sure makes our day, doesn’t it?
    Keeping a gratitude journal sure keeps us free from stress and help us remember the good things that happen in our life..

    May you have a wonderful July 🙂


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