Tattooed on My Heart

Your family loves you to heaven and back

But they keep their emotions in check

I have your name tattooed on my arm

While they have vibrantly inked hearts.


It was easy for me to wear your name

Made your existence tangible for me

Am not strong enough like the rest

Your memory’s enough to keep them sane

The damaged ones need more care

Flawed hearts beg for allowances

The strong don’t stumble

Never get caught unawares


I talk to you when alone

Reach out to you with my tattoo

Shadow less I wander aimlessly

Bereft of my loyal baby Sparky


Let me have my safe word

Help me bear with your loss

It is hard to lose someone

So close to your fragile heart.


I painted the wall by your bowl

Not to hide the food splatter

But to entice you to come home

Threw you a decorated bone

If I could, I would bring you back here

With the sharp nails, hard-hitting tail

Sloppy kisses on my made up face

The paw prints on my formal wear


The scratches on the wooden gate

The dent in the mesh door

Your enthusiastic welcome

Like that of a soul mate

The car rides you craved

Ice creams you devoured

Have lost their appeal

Your absence has numbed us


The longing in our eyes

On watching a puppy go by

The twinge in our hearts

Our tortured sighs

Helplessness engulfs me

Loneliness smothers

Keeping head above the water

Feels like such a bother.


Have to choose the right path

Can’t afford to miss my turn

The rainbow bridge will disappear

If I give in to my desire to drown.


By Sulekha Rawat

6 thoughts on “Tattooed on My Heart

  1. Oh Sulekha, it was tough to read this poem without shedding a single tear! I really have no words but just a tight hug to send your way and lots of flying kisses to send heavenwards for dear baby Sparky! ❤

  2. Such a heartfelt and moving poem, I can feel your boundless love for Sparky through these words.

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