Zestful Journey #AtoZChallenge

Blogging From A to Z Challenge (April 2016)


The theme I’ve chosen for this year’s blogging challenge is ‘Travel’, and in keeping with my  theme I have taken you along on my fun trips to various places to date. Some of my travel destinations are inaccessible by air, land and water and an active imagination is what you need for going to these out of the world destinations. Today we say goodbye to this blogging challenge and I share my zestful journey with you.:) We have come to the end of the alphabet chain and the letter of the day is Z


I had written a short story for an anthology a couple of years ago, my story was titled, Zestful Journey. It was about a middle-aged woman’s train travel from Dehradun to Delhi. The blogging journey this April has been even more eventful and interesting.


This has been a wonderful journey and I am sad that it is ending today. This AtoZChallenge has been my 5th one to date and I have enjoyed participating in this awesome blogging challenge in these fabulous five years. I met a lot of creative, talented and super cool online friends along the way and got to read their amazing posts. Hope to meet them offline soon 🙂


I read a lot of posts and shared even more but these few stood out and stayed with me. I am going to be visiting them even after the blogging challenge is over kyunki picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost 🙂


My eclectic list of some amazing bloggers I met this #AtoZChallenge-

The Yoga Queen, Rajlakshmi. The interior Decorating Empress, Kala. Mythology Diva, Sunila. Women’s Rights champion, Parul. The Weekend Baker, Monica Deshpande. Happiness fairy, Shilpa.

Hope to meet again in the next blogging challenge. Happy writing, reading and sharing, until then 🙂

By Sulekha Rawat

5 thoughts on “Zestful Journey #AtoZChallenge

  1. What a great journey it has been Sulekha! It was my first time and I am ecstatic at completing the journey! I was fortunate to connect with some wonderful bloggers like you! Really it has been so lovely interacting with you and your comments always motivated me to keep going when I felt like giving up! Thanks for the mention, means much. You are an amazing person and despite your health-scares you kept up with zest through the challenge! Kudos and much love.
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. What a great challenge this one is and like year I learnt so much. Thank you so much for the mention. I read your posts and enjoyed them. Congrats on completing the challenge.

  3. The month of April was a journey which was pretty eventful. We not only enjoyed, explored and learnt but made new friends too. Thanks for taking us on so many journeys with you this month, Sulekha. And thank you for the mention ♥

  4. it was a wonderful journey… reading about your travel experiences and anecdotes. Thank you so much for the mention. 5 yrs wow you are a veteran 😀

  5. What a beautiful Z post Sulekha. I have enjoyed your posts immensely all through along with admiring your pic with your dad daily too. Thanks for the great company all through the a to z journey and this will continue I am sure….thanks for the link. Love the way you finished….indeed – picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Hugs.

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