Que Sera Sera #AtoZChallenge

In today’s post, I sit and write while my mind travels 🙂

Blogging From A to Z Challenge (April 2016) The theme I’ve chosen for this year’s blogging challenge is ‘Travel’, and in keeping with my  theme I have taken you along on my fun trips to various places to date. Some of my travel destinations are inaccessible by air, land and water and an active imagination is what you need for going to these out of the world destinations. Today we are going on an another haiku trip with the alphabet of the day, ‘Q’. Come travel with me and see my head y world 🙂

Blogging From A to Z Challenge (April 2016)



Que sera sera

Don’t just sit and wait for it

Surprise destiny


Quiet place is the mind

Mind is quite a silent place

Only the E speaks


Quotations and me

Like fire and ice, sugar and spice

Naughty one is I 🙂


Queen says to the rook

Protect me at any cost

I resign, says he


Queer qualms perplex me

Put me in a quandary

My life is a quiz


Q background

 By Sulekha Rawat

2 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera #AtoZChallenge

  1. “Mind is quite a silent place…” Oh yes, though it is a silent place but it is pretty powerful, as all our journeys begin from this very place!

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