1. Ohh dear Sulekha, so much pain in those words! I am sure Sparky would be missing you as much, your love and affection. No words can soothe or be enough to heal the gaping hole in your life but the biggest healer is of course time. With time you will get better, not forget but just that that the sadness and emptiness will dull down. Sparky would want her mum to be happy always I am sure, so stay strong. Your family needs you as much. Sending you hugs and cheers to keep smiling.

  2. I know how tough it is… people refuse to understand that this is not a pet. It is family. It is the most unconditional form of love many of us receive in our lives.
    Letting go is one of the hardest things we will ever have to do

  3. I have never had a pet, because I am scared of animals.

    But this poem revealed to me the extent of love that people-who-have-pets have for their beloved extensions of family. And when they’re gone.. it does feel like a family member has left, never to return.

    I hope you’re doing better now. It’s impossible to completely forget about Sparky, because she really was an integral part of your life. But I do hope that you remember the beautiful memories you spent with her and allow it to make you happy and smile again 🙂

    Hugs, and have a great weekend!

  4. Hugs, Sulekha. That was heartbreaking to read. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to deal with. Sparky is always with you in spirit and in your memories. In a way, I feel we all know Sparky through the beautiful stories you share.
    Much love!

  5. I feel your heart, Sulekha! While Time tries to heal, there’s always be a raw spot inside us that asks “why!” and trigger the tears. I am very much looking forward to your book about dear Sparky, who is smiling at you right now in your mind! Hugs!

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