1. Lata Sunil

    hahah.. It has brought back some of my memories too when my brother was born. I was 6 and I thought mom just bought him or picked him off the street. I just remember he was a tiny bundle, very red at the time with a head full of black curly hair.

  2. Aww, this was such a sweet memory Sulekha. I remember my daughter who was 5 years old when my son was born being very sad that he wouldnt look, smile or play with her!
    Cheers to childhood 🙂
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. Shilpa Garg

    As kids we were so innocent and sweet. No apprehensions whatsoever. This was such a cute childhood memory. Enjoyed reading about it! 🙂

  4. That’s innocent childhood memories. Strange how sometimes these memories surface up all of a sudden.. Just the way they did for you.. I recently had a similar encounter with my childhood memories.. and what triggered it was a pile of bitter-gourds I saw lying with the vegetable vendor. I detested it so much as a kid.. but somehow the memories that were associated with it were pleasant… I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic, and crave for those innocent days again. And despite my dislike to the vegetable, I ended up buying a kilo of them 🙂 …. For memories sake :))…and after that I blogged about it and felt all the more nostalgic.

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