1. That’s a fab post and get to know more about your world, father and husband. Army officers are so meticulous, disciplined and can adapt to any situation which they pass to their children. I admire them a lot.

    • Thanks Vishal, Fauji life is all I have seen from my birth to date, and I love it. My children learnt to make friends, adapt to a new place easily for we moved every two years.

  2. Thanks for giving this lovely peek into your blissful married life 🙂 Best wishes to both of you for a happy life together.
    In my home too, laundry has always been my husband’s responsibility. I only sort out those things that need handwashing (which my maid helps with or sometimes I do it myself). He manages everything with the washing machine, including the drying out of the laundry on clothesline, removing it in the evening etc. My job is to fold it and organise it later. Earlier we used to do our own ironing – he his clothes, me mine. Now the maid helps with that once a week, so it works out well this perfect division of labour 🙂

  3. Beloo, Thanks for visiting and writing such a lovely comment. The man and woman together make a beautiful home with their shared labor of love and companionship. The family that believes in sharing and caring is a happy one.Bless your family too.

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