1. This is such a spontaneous and lovely post, Sulekha! I admire the way you blend the mother’s love, the shared moments of fun , that indulgent hug all so beautifully. And you have said what you really wanted to say. I do hope you send this to your son for him to read 🙂

    • Thanks Shailaja, it is so difficult to say goodbye to your babies even when they are all grown up. I will send it to him but hope he doesn’t get too emotional reading it as he is away from me and I can’t reach across and hug him 🙂

  2. You have poured your heart out!! There is so much love there!! So beautiful. my son is 6 and I am already thinking how will I bear it. A mother;s heart has to be so strong!!

  3. kalpana solsi

    Words poured out from your heart, Sulekha and only a mother can find joy and pride in the little silly things done together. My son is growing up and when he leaves the safe boundaries of my house to a distant shore , I too will cry.

  4. Aww this is sweet. I’m sure my mum will be able to relate to this as both my sister and I are miles away. I think she coped reasonably well when I left because my sister was still around but after my sis moved out 2 years ago, she’d been missing us both a whole lot. 🙂

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