Five Black Things I Want.

Why I love Black…

Most of us fail to recognize true beauty of people and things, we are guilty of being impressed by the outer package, the plastic covering. We judge a book by its cover, at least some of us do. Same is the case with colors; the bright vibrant ones attract and the dull, drab and boring ones take a backseat. The extreme case is the black color; it is a mysterious, dark and in-your-face color. I love it because it hides my flaws as I have a BMI of 29, I feel safe in this color like many of my kind-of-healthy people do.

We have been asked to write about five black things I wish I had, so here goes-

1. Black Mirror– I would love to have a black mirror, which would show the true nature and personality of the person standing in front of it. This way we could avoid getting duped by sweet-talking but back-stabbing people.

black mirror2. Black cape– This would be a magical cape and would transform all negative thoughts of a person wearing it, into positive ones. I wish someone makes it soon before positivity is wiped out from this earth.

cape3. A black heart – I would love to come across a person who is full of toxic thoughts and ill feeling for the world in general. I would help him/her change his/her thinking by talking to him/her and getting to the root of the problem, because people are not bad but it is their thinking and understanding of life. If my talk doesn’t work, I always have the black cape to fall back on πŸ™‚

heart4. A black Cat – I would let it cross my path and not take seven steps back, for countering the bad luck. The superstition associated with a black cat affects a lot of people and sometimes they visualize bad things happening to them or expect a stroke of bad luck coming their way, when a black cat crosses their path. This kind of thinking has to go out of the window.

Shadow5. Black iPad – This iPad would let me pen down my creative thoughts and help humanity and me too. I would churn out articles and stories to eradicate darkness from our lives with the help of this dark color, Black.

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By Sulekha Rawat

5 thoughts on “Five Black Things I Want.

  1. Loved your post…would surely love to use the black cape once… πŸ™‚ All the best πŸ™‚

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