Beautiful – UBC Day 11

My submission for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2014. This month I plan to write about blogging and writing books in the form of haiku (You can learn more about how to write a haiku poem here). This is my humble attempt to learn this writing technique and I would love to share my hits and near-misses with you all this month in the UBC.

 Beautiful @sulekkha - UBC Day 11



Rubbing blood red eyes

My fingers leave dark smudges

I am beautiful

– Lucks

By Sulekha Rawat

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful – UBC Day 11

  1. First time here 🙂

    Hate to start off in pointing an error, but the plural form of haiku is haiku (not haikus).

    Coming to the haiku, well, seeing (and feeling) beautiful despite the smudges, I like the positive spirit here 🙂 Wish everyone could see the beauty too 🙂 A good read 🙂

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