Secrets – 100 Words on Saturday

The prompt for 100 Words on Saturday


“She realized that she could no longer hide the truth”

The guests had arrived from all parts of the country and some friends and relatives had especially flown in from New York and Canada to attend Vibha’s wedding. It was a joyous occasion and there was loud music playing in the living-room with many of her younger cousins dancing to the latest Bollywood songs.

Vibha descended the stairs from her stepfather’s room with a resigned look in her eyes, her mouth bleeding from a cut on her lower lip. Everyone present there stared at her disheveled appearance, it was then “She realized that she could no longer hide the truth”

 By Sulekha Rawat

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26 thoughts on “Secrets – 100 Words on Saturday

  1. Gosh!! That’s terrible. But this truth needs to see the light of the day!
    Good one, Sulekha! ♥

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