Mother’s Day Special- WOW

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This weekend we have a Mother’s Day Special! The post must contain the word MOM and we have just 5 sentences to complete our story.

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Granny, Mom and Daughter @sulekkha


A friend, who listens to you, soothes, placates and understands your feelings.

A staunch-supporter and believer who stands like a rock of Gibraltar by your side.

A lioness defending and protecting you, but is putty in your hands.

Supremely Proud of your success, helps you reach greater heights without claiming credit for herself..

A mom’s love and affection soaks your being with its unconditional awesomeness.

By Sulekha Rawat

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special- WOW

  1. Very true, mom i such a selfless person who feels contented to see her children flourishing in their lives…she doesn’t need anything for herself …
    It was lovely to see your love for your mother….
    Stay blessed!

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