Healing – 100 words on Saturday.

100 words on Saturday.

Today’s prompt is She felt her heart begin to heal.


The little girl ran up to Tina, the young teacher with kind eyes and a gentle touch. In all the six months this seven-year old had been in this shelter for girls and women, this was the first time she had shown some sign of affection and almost joy like behaviour. Tina hugged her gingerly, afraid to scare her away with a wrong gesture. The demon, that her stepfather was,had already scarred her psyche with his animal like barbaric acts on her frail and defenseless body. Looking at her smile, Tina felt her heart begin to heal.


By Sulekha Rawat

14 thoughts on “Healing – 100 words on Saturday.

  1. So much expressed in such few words …wish young girls like her get what they genuinely deserve…honest care and love 🙂

  2. Oh, what a brilliant idea, Sulekha! I posted this to my timeline so more friends can enjoy; I would love to try to be more disciplined in my writing; is this every week? Have a wonderful Monday~~love, willow

  3. 🙁 Terrible what she has had to face! So glad that she is finally on to the path of recovery. All the need is love, right?

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