1. Aditi

    No theme is also a theme! Go with the flow…we are all here to support you along the way! This is my first time and I'm super excited! Lv

  2. eliexpat

    Love to read your ideas around the challenges… sure you will do so great. I so enjoy your writings:-) Best of luck:-)


    Taking the road less travelled,that requirs wit and courage………..
    with you on this………….random thoughts and ideas bring out masterpieces….looking forward to it

  4. Hi sulekha. Thanks for your lovely comment on my post – I agree with the breech analogy sometimes our greatest challenges become the paths to our destination. All the best – I hope you are filled with inspiration and that it oozes out of your words
    Reflex Reactions

    • by the way I'm one of the co-hosts assistants (Pammy Pams unconventional alliance) and thought I'd mention that your webpage link on your google profile took me to -http://sulekkha.blogspot.dk – while I'm glad you had a post up that led me here, it might be worth the effort to change the link for the #atozchallenge so other bloggers can find you easier.

  5. Hi Sulekha,

    Your approach sounds a nice and laidback way to enjoy the challenge. First time for me to join in the A-Z, will look fwd to the reading. All the best.


  6. A breech baby? I can't even use that as an excuse! I don't like to do things the hard way as much as I like to live on the edge! But here's to us, Sulekha! I know you'll churn out fab posts!

  7. S(t)ri

    One theme which makes me feel jealous~~yeah I was jealous and angry with myself because your theme is sooooooooo beautiful 🙂

  8. obsessivemom

    Not a bad idea at all.. keeping it spontaneous. I'm struggling with my theme already… The Qs, the Xs and the Zs..

  9. Proactive Indian

    Secret theme? That's a good one!

    My theme, ‘26 Positive Takes on Life’ will generally focus on positive, truly heart-warming, real-life incidents involving ordinary persons whom we can all emulate.

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