If only you were here…

If only you were here…


My phone doesn’t ring on my birthdays,

I don’t feel your hand patting my back.

I walk out of the airport at Mumbai.

My eyes look for you in the crowd of faces.



I hear everyone’s voice but yours,

I sit across your empty chair.

I run into your room to share,

my latest blog post or poem with you.

I don’t find you there.



I am left with only your memory.

I see a father hugging his child.

A daughter looks up to her Dad.


That’s when I wish, if only you were here.


Sulekha Rawat

This is for the 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe , this week is based on Kajal’s Prompt – ” If only you were here”.

20 thoughts on “If only you were here…

  1. Very touching…. Parents are special and no matter how old you become or how far they are you always need them. Loved your expression.

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