Happy wedding anniversary

Pradeep wed Vandana on this day, 17 years ago.

It was then that  an angel entered our home,

she stole everyone’s heart with her loving smile,

and her generosity of spirit from her eyes shone.

She became a loving daughter to my parents and

the favorite aunt of my nieces and nephews.

Her affection and caring for us all has multiplied,

a thousandfold and has only grown, ceaselessly.


Veenu Mami and Pintu mama are the young generation’s

role models, their style icons.

God bless this blessed couple – keep them happy,

and safe, their love for each other and for our family,

may forever remain rock solid and strong.


My dad loved Veenu like his firstborn,

he did everything to keep her happy.

My mom is a sweetheart though,

she doesn’t mince her words,

but one thing I know for sure,

she swears by Veenu’s big heart,

and her patience with all.


God bless my dear brother and bhabhi on their 17th,

wedding anniversary.

I wish, hope and pray for their continued happiness,

long and healthy life,

with all their desires and aspirations fulfilled.


God bless the lucky couple,

and may they prosper and grow,

Thank you dad for bringing Veenu to us,

Thank you Nandini didi,

for raising such a gem of a daughter.

Love and blessings Dear Pintu and Veenu.


Lots of love




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