Not so pretty anymore…

#AtoZchallenge: This is my post for the alphabet N


Not so pretty anymore,

Time has taken a heavy toll,

on her body and soul.

There are scars and blemishes,

ravages of time.

She is marked in so many ways,

though to you she looks fine.


She wants to look perfect,

to show you her best side.

But any which way she turns,

there is something to hide.

Faded marks on her skin,

of minor skirmishes she’s been in,

the battle scars she carries,

 outside and within.


She isn’t proud,

of her damaged form,

Bear with her insecurities,

wait for her to come seeking.

your unconditional approval.

until then her silent support,

and ardent admirer,be.


Don’t give up on her love,

lay your heart and soul ,

willingly at her feet.

She is only trying to hide,

her tattered self,

from your adoring eyes.





Sulekha aka Lucks

36 thoughts on “Not so pretty anymore…

  1. Oh, This is so powerful. Absolutely bang in in getting under the skin of a woman whose make-up free youth is just past.

    Quite like the pic too.


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