Your name on my lips

Your name on my lips






I savor the memory

of your name on my lips.

I still can’t,

call out your name,

without blushing  and,

breaking out,

in a smile.


I dread talking about you,

in a crowd.

Lest my crimson face,

gives me away,

My bright eyes betray,

my intense feelings for you.


The hopeless devotion,

on my face,

is your undoing.

You are to blame,

for making me fall,

head over heels,

in love with you.


You shouldn’t,

have smiled,

or held my gaze.

You should have,

kept a stony face.

Instead of gazing,

Oh so tenderly,

at me.

And making my knees,

tremble and shake.


You shouldn’t have,

let me see.

How much I mean,

to you and,

Then maybe,

I could have,

hidden my feelings,

for you, from you.


And not let you know,

that you mean,

the world to me.

You shouldn’t have,

slain my heart and,

conquered my soul.



Sulekha Rawat












3 thoughts on “Your name on my lips

  1. Sulekha, I love the mischievous tone of this poem! It speaks of that personal secret pleasure that we share with no one but ourselves and our loved one. Sensual and inviting. I loved it! 🙂

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