I am not Dead yet…

I am not DEAD yet…

I am 48 years old and I am a student of life. I am not done making a mark in life and am most certainly, not dead yet. I refuse to believe that only 18-35 yr olds have the ability to learn, grow and make fresh starts, be it in business or life in general. Those who think inside the narrow box show lack of vision, and are deprived of the vast pool of talent present in the world.

If the upper age-limit for doing anything great in life were 35 yrs then my father was a misguided man. He had wanted to make his children proud and had studied for his graduation degree at the ripe age of 40 plus. Being born the eldest child to a not so affluent couple, he had had to start earning at a very early age, right after finishing  high school. But when his kids were ready for college, he had decided to earn his degree so that we could write ‘GRADUATE’, next to his educational qualification on the admission form.

Imagine if someone had informed him that he had no right to this honour! He would have been crushed, though he would have fought harder to prove his point, he was my inspiration and hero. I emulate him  and always put myself in his shoes when struggling with issues in life. His motto was, ‘Do what feels right to you and take risks to make your dreams a reality’, he wasn’t a quitter. I am my father’s daughter and am proud of his accomplishments and teachings.

Don’t write me off yet. To reiterate, I am 48 years old and have things to do, places to see, worlds to conquer and miles to go before I sleep.


Sulekha Rawat


24 thoughts on “I am not Dead yet…

  1. Amen sister! I was fifty two when I began my first novel and I still have a lot of living to do. Age is a number placed like a label on our bodies. Our minds and souls are infinite—ever learning, loving, and sharing. My motto remains, "The best is yet to come!"

    1. Leah, Many congratulations for your book. There's hope for me yet 🙂 thanks for your visit and the comment.

  2. Dear Sulekha,
    Rather girls like me have so much to learn from you the way you write. You know, my granny is nearing 70 and she wants to learn graphics from me! She rightly says,'to remain young remain a student!'

    1. Janaki, I really appreciate your compliments, you like my writing because you yourself are a wonderful writer.

    1. Welcome to my site and thanks for your comment People try and pin their failures on us, we just have to ignore them 🙂

  3. WOw ! age is just a number… u cn create your mark at any age… all u need is determination… All the best… take a leap and FLY :))

  4. Inshaallah dost…..as they say there is no age to fall in love there is no age to educate youself…..and evrything that we do, we learn and the more we do the more we learn…..so keep going and make your Dad proud.

  5. Wow! You're my inspiration to zest and life. And you have so much more to offer. Go go go for it Sulekha love!

  6. Thats simply a punch of an article. It s so powerfully written, you are not dead at all, you are all power. Actually women reach their best age at and after 35. As we age we know more and I prefer the wisdom of age than the ignorance and clumsiness of youth

    1. Jerly, welcome to my site and thanks for your compliment. I wish we could have this wisdom when young 🙂

  7. Brilliant and your endeavors reflect your enthusiasm, broad horizon, and a level of thinking. Honestly to tell you the young crowd I come across everyday you are one who is far ahead in thinking than a chunk of youth.

    Even I am proud of my parents and grandparents as well. Their life inspires me.


  8. So true!! I'm turning 35 this year and I feel like I'm just getting going in life! I think my best years will be after that. 🙂 And, I do not ever plan to stop learning and growing. 🙂

    That is great about your dad finishing his education much later in life. Very inspiring. 🙂

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