A brief moment in time

The NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem a day for the month of April.

As she flits across your mind,

she leaves a bit of her soul behind.

Her touch lingers on your heart,

from here, she never wants to depart.


As she gets entangled in your thoughts,

and runs her fingers through your dreams.

She is making memories to keep herself warm,

on long, dark and lonely winter nights.


Let her kiss your fantasies,

and embrace your ecstasies.

She is merely crossing your mind,

for a brief moment in time.


Sulekha Rawat



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32 thoughts on “A brief moment in time

  1. “As she flits across your mind,

    she leaves a bit of her soul behind.”

    Sulekha, this is lovely! This lovely poem has your style written all over it. Beautiful choice of words that manage to invoke deep emotions! 🙂

  2. I normally read the article, then leave my comment. Then and only then do I go back and read what others say. I cheated this time around, I read the article then comments. I love what RAAckerman said " It's the aftertaste that we recall". So true… I also believe it's what a women dreams will happen, it's what we long for. It's how we are left feeling when that one has decided to move on. For one moment in time we hope that we cross your mind…

    Just my thoughts .. love it

    1. Deb, Power of visualization 🙂 Yes we do feel like crossing the mind, one more time. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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