Fog of Fear…

One step at a time

I walked into the fog of fear. What is fear? Fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it. All I could see was the fog, when I stepped out for my daily walk on a cold December morning. It was scary, I couldn’t see a few steps ahead of me and it was like a white sheet had enveloped the world from all sides. I immediately turned back to go home but something made me stop and take a step forward, albeit reluctantly. I thought to myself that I would walk a few steps and see how the fog looked from there and if it remained the same dense white wall of nothingness, I would turn back. So I walked a bit further.

Dense fog

As I hesitatingly moved ahead into the dense fog I started thinking about life and how we get scared of troubles when they appear out of the blue, like the fog that morning. And how we are so afraid to walk a few steps towards conquering our fears that we give up even before trying. With every step I took towards the fog it retreated a few steps. It was like the bully who starts retreating when the bullied child takes a stand and holds his ground. The fog was scared of me and my advancing steps. It was running scared and making my path smooth and devoid of all obstacles and hurdles. I could clearly see the road I was taking and where I was heading.

I walked on

This was how the road looked initially and with each step forward it started becoming clearer and easier to see and navigate. Life is no different, we should not lose hope when faced with adversity. Just brace ourselves and move ahead, all the problems will become clear and the solution will be visible too.

The road

I started walking faster as the path started becoming visible, and the faster I walked the clearer it became.

Conquering my fears

Suddenly there was clarity and light, all around. Realization dawned, Life was livable again. All it took was a few brave steps, some courageous thoughts and a bold decision to not give up at the slightest sign of trouble. The fog of fear cleared and in its place was the path to success.



Sulekha Rawat

20 thoughts on “Fog of Fear…

  1. You embraced the unknown and followed your heart and found clarity… How interestingly you reflected that moment with life…

  2. Savira, It was so foggy that day that I couldn't see the headlights of cars coming towards me till the last moment. It must be same in Gurgaon too. Thanks for your lovely comment

  3. I can imagine what you must have felt Sulekha…
    When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
    Great post once again.

    1. Manisha, It's always nice to see my friends here and read their lovely comments,thank you. The more we fear, fear, the more it tries to make us fear it.

    1. Alejandro, thanks for the visit and the comment. The road I have mentioned is inside a stadium and vehicles are not allowed on this road, only on days some events are organized then this road is open to traffic. It's a beautiful and safe place to walk and enjoy nature without worrying about traffic and pollution 🙂

  4. Oh what hurdles we put in front of us :P… and most of the times, they just remain in our minds… I loved how fear dissipated towards the end… there is light and life outside that fog 🙂

    Loved it Sulekha :*

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