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Stomach Tales

Here I present my story of stomach tales

by Manisha Bhatia


I have to share some Insightful details

Addicted and ravenous for healthy nutrients

Difficult to resist lip smacking delicacies at times

Temptations urge to gorge on unhealthy victuals

When the schedules are tight and clock ticks late night

Reclined back on my seat I give a deep sigh

Lost in the dreams of delicious forage I close my eyes


I have to share some Ironical details

Drowned often in vocation,

I am grateful to the mugs of espresso

It gives me strength and instant gratification

Instils stimulation in veins to sweat a little longer

Helpless I ignore the uncanny wails and whines

We toil hard for stomach day and night

Ironically we fail to nurture it precise and on time


I have to share some Delightful details

In the serene comfort of my abode

No matter the number of numerous cuisines I savour

My stomach yearns for home cooked grubs

When my mother cooks and pours her love

She blends her charm in each dish she pounds

Her expertise and heart knows my stomach essentials


I have to share some nostalgic details

When she feeds with her own hands today

Nostalgia of childhood memories paints my mind

The pearls streamed down and love hovers in eyes

Lost in memories today once again I feel like a child

The nourishment satisfied my famine instantly

After an elongated time,

I cuddled in her warm embrace again



I have to share some Humorous details

When buddies congregate for small jubilations

Reunion evoke the cheery and emotional days of farewell

All are well off now in life to dine in the swankiest joints

Still we all miss the cheap kiosks near the university old shrine

The late evening gatherings to share gossips of the town

Today we miss the fights over the piece of inexpensive bites!!!


My story of stomach tales, the more I share more extensive gets the details……………

I will stop here and leave it on you to come join hands friends and share something live from you!!!




Manisha Bhatia





23 thoughts on “Stomach Tales

  1. WOW!! That is some stomach tale…you have touched so many parts of your life..and I liked the part where your mother feeds you with her hands…..I love that also…great post Manisha…

  2. I agree with you Manisha… there’s nothing compared to homecooked and prepared foods 😉

    I’m not sure if it’s my mom’s delightful dishes or the knowing that she puts in so much love in everything she cooks 🙂

    I loved your stomach tale :)…

  3. Loved your stomach tale. I know how it feels to be fed by your mom even now. My son sayd food tastes better when I feed him. He will be eighteen in March!!!

  4. "No matter the number of numerous cuisines I savour

    My stomach yearns for home cooked grubs

    When my mother cooks and pours her love

    She blends her charm in each dish she pounds

    Her expertise and heart knows my stomach essentials"

    I guess everyone living outside home feels the same.
    You have proved how versatile you are, you can write about ANYTHING…under the sky..
    And you do it so beautifully, that it touches hearts!

  5. I got pampered and felt stomach-full with ur sweet stomach tales Mani.. beautiful post..
    A very cute post for me..

    Purely refreshing n nostalgic..

    Like Alps n Meli, I too loved ur stomach tales very much indeed ^_^

  6. Hello.
    I know the love swelling in your heart when your mom feeds you too after a long absence away. I have experienced that with both my moms (mom & mother-in-law). Those are the tastiest & most satisfying foods of all…memories that will always remain with you.
    I am fortunate to have delicious, home-cooked meals everyday too…courtesy of my wife's loving & skillful hands.

    Some tasty tales Mani. Thanks for sharing.

    A lovely guest post Sulekha.

    For ref:

    1. Aww! Nelieta don b sad…u cnnot bring back d old times n I know tht nostalgia will alwys b in ur heart…jst cheer up dear….try to recall other beautiful memories by her!!


  7. Manisha, You have written this poem straight from the heart. We all were transported back to the times when home meals cooked meals were so lovingly prepared by mom. Lovely and sweet poem, thanks for being here and writing such a wonderful poem.

  8. Congratulations on the new site first of all. I followed you here because I love your insight and your spirit. Big hugs. Great move. So much better to have your own name dot com. Love it.

    1. Sonia, Thank you so much for your lovely words, the feeling is mutual. It does feel nice to have your own 🙂

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