Lovely blog Awards

Gifted by Andy David

Gifted by Roy Durham and Andy David

I was honored with these lovely awards by Roy Durham and Andy David. The lovely blog award can be gifted to 15 people, I am presenting it to 15 very talented and wonderful writers, though I know quite a few 🙂

1. Corinne Rodrigues

2. Leah Griffith of

3. Lady Bella

4. Susan Deborah of

5. Linda Lee of

6. Andy David

7. Roy Durham

8. Debra El-Ramey

7. Rimly Bezbaruah

8. Pandora Poikilos

9. Jim Brandano

10. David Michael Smith

11. Tameka Mullins

12. Melissa Tandoc

13. Jenni De La Torre

14. Savira YogaSavy

15. Larry Lewis

Visit their blogs and enjoy their stories and poems.

Lucks aka Sulekha


  1. melissa

    Oh, you know I saw that Roy posted it on my wall, but I thought it was just an image to comfort me :P. Then, I saw others using the same image for giving awards.

    Honestly, I look for my name in the list *blush*… I haven't been commenting on most blogs I follow…hmmm…I'm pretty slow lol…Roy could attest to that.

    But I take this award with so much love from you as the image suggests Jesus embracing a soul.

    Thank you, you're such a beautiful soul. That's why I keep coming to you ~ your blog and your posts, you edify me.


    Congratulations to all those who have been awarded the same :*

  2. Bella

    Sulekha, first of all, congratulations on your award! Second of all, thank you, thank you for including me in your list! I am truly honored. I was having my evening cup of coffee when I clicked on your blog, so imagine my surprise when I see my blog on the list! Of course I did my happy dance–with little Roxy! Thanks for thinking of me, friend! 🙂

  3. Larry Lewis

    I know most of these blogs, and together with yours they demonstrate the best of the blogosphere. I'm proud to keep such company. Thank you!

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