My journal of Smiles :) …Lucks

My journal of Smiles  …by Lucks

Friends, this is my treasure chest, where I keep my riches. What are these valued possessions? My smiles!!!

Things and people that make me smile everyday are my most prized gems.

Date: 31-10-2011

What made me happy to be alive today?

1. My dear friend and Outlier,Rimly Bezbaruah,had emailed a beautiful comment on my latest article. It read, “Your article made me smile early in the morning.” This sentence made my day. Thank you sweetheart.

2. Another sweet soul, Corinne Rodrigues, tagged me in a touching prayer on YouTube; she sent her blessings for my upcoming biopsy. Her action made me so happy to be alive and in the midst of such caring and dear friends.

3. A lovely old lady complimented me at the grocery store, when I asked the shopkeeper for skimmed milk, this lady said, “Excuse me, you don’t need to lose weight.” Bless her kind heart.

What are your lovely moments? Share with me and spread the cheer…

Have a great day.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

Lucks aka Sulekha

30 thoughts on “My journal of Smiles :) …Lucks

  1. This post made me smile!! Made my crappy day better….you make me smile, and prayers for your biopsy my darling….you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!! <3

  2. Sulekha – I love your spirit and how you are approaching what must be a very scary phase in life. May your smiles – the ones you collect and the ones you give so freely will give you all the strength you need. Love and hugs ~ Corinne

  3. I was just asking myself how I could start my life over again. I've been away for a month and nobody dared to ask me deeper questions… except this "how are you?"

    It is such a blessing to find true friends here in the net and Sulekha you did make my heart smile. I have forgotten how to for quite some time.

    This post is such a simple, direct and concrete way of counting our blessings each day… I thank the Lord for the smiles people bring to my life and I thank the Lord for sending me people who could move my heart in mysterious ways.

    Thank you :*…my soul rests in your words…

  4. So sweet sulekha…its true that in the hosh posh f busy life we forget to cherish small things which are actually beautiful!!

    Thanks for d reminder…:)

    Keep smiling…n God Bless U!!

  5. Melissa, what a beautiful sentiment expressed in a simple sentence, my soul rests in your words !!! You are a special and giving person so you will smile again and again. Your life will be full of happiness and good fortune, god bless.

  6. I woke up late this morning with a panic attack. I am only a day away from my exam. I had to rush Elvin to the daycare but he threw a tantrum and of course I was delayed and deprived of my study time. With no breakfast in my stomach, I dashed to my table upon coming home and started to study. I felt miserable. Headache and butterflies in my stomach made it impossible to concentrate so I took a break and made some breakfast. While eating, I sat by the computer and fortunately I stumbled upon your lovely post. For the first time today, I felt my lips stretch back into a wide smile and I am smiling still. I felt a soothing calm and the butterflies stopped fluttering and the headache eased. I am now going back to my books with a smile and I have got you to thank for his healing touch. Thank you dear Sulekha for such a wonderful post. Please do continue to throw us some light with your inspiring posts now and again. with loads of love xxx

  7. @Yoshay, I had goose bumps while reading your beautiful comment. Thank you for saying such lovely things about my post.I would love to share your comment, frame it and put on my wall.

  8. None so far to smile about Mitr – still looking and looking hard : ) Maybe that's why I can't find it. Your posts are inspiring all the time – every time – they always give me a something to do. Love you tons my darling Mitr…

  9. Kriti, thank you so much for your warm comment and love you too. I am so glad your internet is back. Look at Guni and you won't ever stop smiling, she is such a darling.

  10. Hello. How are you?
    You made me smile just from reading this post.

    I'm constantly smiling…it's my personality to always be cheerful even when I have the world on my shoulders.

    Smiling is infectious & one of the few things in life that are free. We should all try to do it more often. I smile at myself every time I walk past a mirror…see even you're smiling now!

    Thank you for sharing your smiles & for visiting & following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too.

    Hope everything goes well for you at this difficult time.

    Heaven Is You

  11. Andy, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the reciprocal follow. We all become such good supports, critics and friends online, just by reading and sharing articles and poems. It is a wonderful place to meet fellow writers. Nice to meet you here.

  12. Great post – really makes you think. Mine are:
    Having a supportive husband and great sons.
    Getting good news from my doctor.
    My dogs.
    Where I live.

    I hope your biopsy came out well!!! I'll keep you in my thoughts. xxoo

  13. This post and your site make me smile. It’s so warm and inviting here, and your words so happy 😉 This is a lovely moment. And I want to read your article on chocolate! Where can I find it?

  14. @Debra, Thank you for liking my new look and my post. And double thanks for your wonderful compliment on my chocolate and smile posts. You are a trooper, love and god bless.

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