Welcome to Magnificent Monday

Flower power

It’s Flower Power to kick the week off on a great Magnificent Monday. Join in .

Jim’s words:
“Travelers, bloggers and photographers, let’s see how our wee flower festival takes off. Post a link in the Mr Linky tool at the end of this article to your pics and stories on flowers: a single bloom or a field full of sunflowers; tulips from Amsterdam or a flower bedecked balcony in Ecuador; a tiny desert flower or a lush tropical paradise. Let’s read what you can link in with!”

 Welcome to  Magnificent Monday and let’s have a great week with Flower Power! 

Assorted Flowers 

This is a metal soldier standing guard amongst pretty white flowers and greenery, it’s almost like he is guarding nature and all its treasures.

Lucks aka Sulekha

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to Magnificent Monday

  1. Hi Sulekkha,

    Nice flowers , they reminds me of my native place where we have a flower garden their fragrance with air , makes the air pure and magical.

    Which here in Delhi is a distance dream.

    I don't hv any pic otherwise I would hv linked-up ..

    Take care.
    KS 🙂

  2. @Jim, thanks for the compliment. I didn't have any other pictures of flowers so posted these two.
    The statue is located within the housing complex, where Kriti Mukherjee stays.

  3. @Vivek,

    Welcome back to my blog and thanks for the read and comment. I also had these two pictures only 🙂

  4. I love petunias, they are happy little waving hands from pots all over the world. Their fragrance is sweet to the nose, I have to big barrels full of Petunisa and pansies.

  5. These are very beautiful images of flowers…I miss the petunias in Italy :P…but we have them here in the Philippines too. I missed this MM last week…

    I also like the white flowers near the statue 🙂 They gave him company 😛

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