My Maiden Voyage

Today I rode my sunny, trusted two-wheeler, to Broadway and back. It was my maiden voyage in the deep dark waters of traffic and crowds and I have my daughter Shloka to thank for it. She was my inspiration and cheerleader rolled into one major motivating force, a force to be reckoned with. I have been riding my sunny zip scooty in and around Katari Bagh, Kochi, Kerala, for nearly three years now, but didn’t have the courage to cross the Thevara bridge and go into town.

Today, I had to go to Broadway to make a purchase and as usual I decided to go by auto.But she put her foot down and goaded me into taking the sunny to the market. I agreed albeit reluctantly. The moment I reached the bridge I started thinking, was I making a mistake? An astrologer has predicted a major road accident in my future; I have been warned to be very careful. All these thoughts crossed my mind and I almost turned back. Turning back was an option open to me according to Shloka. She said “The moment you feel you cannot go any further we’ll turn back.” Since there was a backup plan, I didn’t panic. Being a true Capricorn I plodded along, slowly but sure-footedly and painstakingly towards my destination.

I had been thinking about going to town on my own riding my sunny but had always backed out at the last minute. I needed that extra push that nudges in the right direction, the right kind of encouragement. I think everybody needs a Shloka in their lives to make their lives richer, fuller and better. I am grateful to her for being my muse/guide. ‘Thinking about taking that first step is always the toughest thing to do. Once you take that first step, there’s no stopping you’ I have become a firm believer of this philosophy and I endorse it.

My first words to my darling daughter on our return home were “Thank you for giving me wings. Now I’m free to go anywhere.” I was afraid to take that first step but courage has evicted fear out of my life. Life is beautiful and precious. Why should we waste even a second thinking about what will happen in the next six months or one year? We lose precious moments worrying about a time that might or might not come.

Lucks aka sulekha

12 thoughts on “My Maiden Voyage

  1. You are blessed to have Shloka…and the same for her..wishing you both a wonderful life together..as this is the most beautiful bond God has created.

  2. I remember taking rides with you around Katari Bagh. I also remember your first maiden ride to Broadway and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. You are so right,in life we do need a "Shloka" to give us that push that liberates us from our fears.

  3. @Motifs, Thank you so much for your best wishes.

    @Rimly, We did have fun back then, We all have a Ron or Shloka or Aishani to motivate us and keep us happy, thanks.

  4. That was poignant Sulekha. You are indeed blessed to have Shloka. In my case I am blessed with my mother who always nudges me ahead when I halt, who always says "you can" when I say "I can't" and who is always there readily giving me her hand when I falter. I am sure that Shloka finds the same in you 🙂 Loved your maiden voyage.

  5. I so needed to read this Mitr – now you have given me the wings to do so many things on that list that needs wings. Thank you Mitr and Shloka…

  6. What a grand maiden voyage!! I love your philosophy and i think that is going to be my mantra for a while."I was afraid to take that first step but courage has evicted fear out of my life" = i need to do just that!!!!

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