A matter of Life and Death

The brevity of your responses,
leaves me perplexed.
Your rationale leaves me,

Maybe I am too emotional but,
your self control amazes me.
I know you care, you do a lot,
But keeping it all in,
is not fair to my heart.

I need expression, demonstration,
Shouting from the rooftops,
Jumping on the couch,
Kinds of proclamation.

A quiet whisper in my ear will do too,
As long as you say “I love you”.
Never mind I ask for it,
Say it nevertheless.

It means the world to me,
A matter of life and death.

Lucks aka Sulekha

14 thoughts on “A matter of Life and Death

  1. What a coincidence!!?!? Just read a quote that meant "A heart without words is better than words without a heart"… and you write about expressions… πŸ˜‰ Love it…

  2. I love this! Sulekha! So powerful, honest and to the point. Love should never hide, but the carrier of love is often too afraid to be revealed. I know this well and have been this person too.

    I'm working on shouting more from the rooftops. It may take some practice though. πŸ˜‰


  3. A poem
    A playful toy
    So full of joy
    It’s not a ploy
    Words play of troy
    A thousand ships
    Words Past your lips
    And sore
    Great parse and more
    Thank you; I cannot say more

    god bless it beautful

  4. Can I copy and post this up near my computer to remind me to tell my dearest what I feel for her every time I see her?
    Better still, I'll just paste it up in my mind where I can see it all the time. Thanks.

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