Ramblings of a soul

When will you understand my love?
When will you listen to, what I am saying,
and understand, what I am not saying?
When will you see, what I am hiding?
When will you know, what I mean by,
what I am not trying to convey?

When I pretend to be angry with you,
I want you to do your damnest,
to coax me into smiling at you.

When I walk away in a huff,
I long for you to run after me,
And bring me back to you.

When you look into my unsmiling eyes,
I want you to sense my sorrow,
And chase my cares away.

When I try and choke back my tears,
I need you to hold me close,
say nothing, but just be there with me.

When I say,” I hate you,”
I want you to say,” I love you too”.
I don’t know what I need,
But I want you, to understand.


19 thoughts on “Ramblings of a soul

  1. Oh the complexities of love and being a woman – you bring it out splendidly as always – what a pleasure it is to read you Mitr …

  2. i think we all feel that way even if we don't want too show it that is love. great poem , great post keep up the good writing. god bless

  3. Wonderful poem…Love is complex yet beautiful in the simplest of ways. Love is the one thing we can always count on whether from above or below it is always with us!

  4. @Roy, thanks for the encouragement and your lovely comments.

    @Deanne, we just can't survive without love..thanks.

    @Vani, thanks, you write about love in your poems so you had to understand me.

    @David, thank you and wish you a Happy Valentine's day.

    @Debbie, thanks a ton.

  5. I know what you mean Sulekha, but hey, love wouldn't be so fascinating, if it was all so transparent.
    The huff being the means to create an argument, so as to make it all up again.
    The greatest passion is when finally either one says sorry…we all test the bounds of our relationships.

  6. Jim, thank you so much for your wonderful words of wisdom…yes, sorry does make it all better. Why do we need to test the bounds of our friendship, why can't we love unconditionally?

  7. The complexities of love – so tiny a word to cover such a profound emotion. Brilliant Sulekha! I read volumes between the lines and was genuinely touched. Perhaps that is why they say that, women are from Venus and men are from Mars : )

  8. @Swati, thank you for being a SS friend and for your lovely compliments.

    @Yoshay,thanks for appreciating my poem, women are a different breed altogether…

  9. good topic and this is where every guy gets confused in his life..because it is impossible to know the feeling of a woman..:)

  10. @Kiran, who has ever understood a woman? Thanks for the read and comment.

    @whatstruckme, thank you for loving it….

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