The door slammed shut deafeningly.
It wasn’t me; it was the heartless wind,
that pushed it close on life.
Helpless love was a mute spectator,
watching it crash onto the frame,
of expectations.
Loosening the hinges of hope.
Splinters of dreams flew about with,
the tattered remains of anguished cries.

I heave a sigh of relief,
looking at the cold closed door.
I know I should not be relieved,
at the finality of the deed.
But at least I am free,
To move on in life,
will not be glancing at the open door,
willing him to come inside.
Won’t have to keep wondering,
Whether he will come tonight,
or tomorrow or the next night.

The finality of this agonizing act,
has made me numb, my soul is hurting,
clutching at the lapels of hope.
I am jolted awake from a blissful sleep.
my eyes open to the complexity of life,
to the duality of the human psyche.

Though I am free, I am a prisoner still,
of lost hope, forgotten cherished memories,
of languor filled days,
and passion filled nights.
Of loves whisperings and furtive embraces,
Of honey scented breaths of lovers,
And their mingled sighs.

Sometimes I dream of my love,
Of his advent into my tumultuous life,
Of riding into the sunset with him,
Of being his day and night.
But the slamming of the door,
Jolts me back to reality.
I hear the slam,
I see the damage to the heart of the wall.
I don’t scream,
I don’t call,
I throw one last look at the door,
Over my shoulder and ,
I walk out tall….

Lucks aka Sulekha

4 thoughts on “Closure

  1. This is a bittersweet snapshot of closure my dear writer! I loved it. I felt all of the emotions that you were rendering. It is like a lyrical and poetic bookend to my post. I wish I could place them side by side. Lovely work!

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