Best Friend

Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend.  ~Bill Watterson

I have my best friend to thank for my name, her name was Sulekha too. My tale dates back to 1967 when I was a mere three year old toddler, who had a next door neighbour named Sulekha. We were inseparable and in all innocence decided to have the same name, to cement our already solid friendship.


My mother had decided on a different name for me but on the day of the school interview, she couldn’t accompany me as she wasn’t keeping too well. As my father was out of town too, my uncle was given the task of taking me to school for my interview and admission. He knew me as Lucky, which is my pet name, so he didn’t find it strange when I introduced myself as Sulekha to the Principal.

On reaching home, he handed over the admission papers to my mother and took his leave. When he called out, ‘Bye Sulekha’, my mother was perplexed, because this wasn’t the name chosen by my parents. After my uncle had recounted the whole story, they both had burst out laughing. It was decided to let me keep my new name because I loved it and the friend whose namesake I was.

My best friend moved away to a different city with her family, when her father got transferred to a new place and I lost contact with her. I sometimes wonder how her life turned out, whether she remembers her childhood friend, who had adopted her name to seal their friendship? Is Sulekha looking for me? Will I ever meet her again? I would love to.

Sulekha Rawat



28 thoughts on “Best Friend

  1. I too remember many friends from my childhood…some of whose name I have forgotten but can remember their faces.
    You brought back memories…thanks.

  2. Hi Sulekha, I love this little anecdote – it is so sweet and simple. Thank you for your story. Cheers, Melanie

    1. Catherine, Thanks a ton for your lovely compliment. I wish I can meet her once again, will definitely keep you all posted 🙂

  3. Lovely story. 🙂 Choosing your own name can be an empowering thing, and how lovely to have that experience so young.

    1. Tobi-Dawne, welcome to my site and yes choosing our name is a great feeling, though at that time it just felt good. i was a pampered child 🙂

    1. I did, but found only the site with her name 🙁 I am going to start looking for her and will find her.

  4. Hello Sulekha.
    Maybe you can try searching for your friend on FB too. It would be awesome if you actually found her!
    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Andy, I am trying. Thanks to this challenge, this forgotten story has resurfaced in my mind and I will try my best to find her. Thank you…

    1. Corinne, I would have made a lousy Pawan 🙂 you are right. Thank you kind lady for encouraging and supporting me always.

  5. For me he was part of the family of eurobloggers, and although this was just one part of what he was and what he did, I will remember him as one of the founders of the growing euroblogosphere – and I hope others will do so, too.

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