A matter of Life and Death

The brevity of your responses, leaves me perplexed.Your rationale leaves me, dumbstruck. Maybe I am too emotional but, your self control amazes me.I know you care, you do a lot,But keeping it all in, is not fair to my heart. I need expression, demonstration,Shouting from the rooftops,Jumping on the couch,Kinds of proclamation. A quiet whisper … [Read more…]

Soul Writings

I write from the depths of my soul.Dip my pen into my heart and ,let the blood drip on the pages,colouring them crimson.It shrieks ‘Danger’, beware of,the ramblings of the crazy writer,she’s demented and insane, beware. My writings are tainted with my,clotting, congealing blood,hence the stench of grief and pain.You can smell my rotting flesh … [Read more…]

Lonely Vigil

She stands alone at the pier, hungrily gazing at the sea.fists clenched at her sides, unmoving, still stands she.Her lone, heart breaking constant vigil, invites curious eyes,Her dark circled eyes reveal, sleepless nights gone by. The trembling of her lower lip, gives her feelings away,She shifts from one foot to another, even as she sways.There … [Read more…]