She cremated her dreams today,

The tombstone reads,

“Here lie the misbegotten misadventures,

she called “Dreams”,

they lie buried under six feet of,

Shattered hopes, spurned emotions,

crushed feelings and unrequited love.”


Her yearning lies scattered on the ground,

mixed with the loose soil and the blossoms,

shards of her longing are sprinkled,

beside her grave on the bed of roses.

She had sacrificed her sanity for love,

and she was punished for this sacrilege.


No it wasn’t God, who did it,

It was HE, his indifference that did her in.

The fabric of her make-believe world was,

slashed by the cruel blade of harsh reality.


She had solicited his affections,

had dived head-on in the whirlpool of love,

She was punished for her willful conduct,

her dreams slaughtered by the thoughtless,

blows of rejection and neglect.


Her dreams whimpered and

breathed their last,

Succumbed to the injuries

inflicted on her heart.


I can hear her whimpering,

it whispers his name, like a prayer,

And her wistful cries resound

in the cemetery’s morbid air.


Sulekha aka Lucky




I see you

my alarm every morning,
My morning cup of tea,
The newspaper, the news,
The Call of the vendor in the street.
The neighbour’s creaking door,
Paintings on the wall,
In the tiles on my floor,
And everywhere I see.

In the clear morning sky,
and the haze,
in the drizzle of the rain,
the cool breeze caressing me,
in the swaying branches,
outside my window pane.
In the washed clothes drying in the sun,
the pile of cushions on the bed.
the dining table, kitchen platform,
Even on the bedspread.

In the grey haired lady’s cough,
The sweat on the washer man’s shirt.
The car’s steering wheel and horn,
the traffic signal, also
in the cop’s khaki uniform.

I see you,
In the,
sprinklers in the park,
branches of the trees and
posters on the walls,
crowds in the malls.
tolling of the bells,
in the temple,
the chants of the bhajans,
in the hallowed halls.

I don’t have to look too far
to see you,
because you live in my heart.
I look at me and I see you,
So Sorry honey,
I don’t MISS YOU.

Sulekha aka Lucky