Last request

Remember me with a smile,after I am long gone.

When the sun has set, when the night has fallen,

maybe you can sometimes let the teardrops fall,

but only sometimes and that too not for long.

I want you to be happy and remember the good times,

think about me with a smile on your lips,

and please , please never be sad.

It will make me cry, wherever I am.

Don’t hurt me by hurting yourself,

I’ll feel your pain, wherever I am.

So what if I had to go away,

I am there with you in spirit.

Though I have left, I am never gone.

How can I? when my heart is with you.

You have my undying and eternal love,

to see you through all that life throws at you.

You are ,

my undreamt dream,

my unsung song,

my unlived life,

my unfinished thought,

my unglued emotion,

my uncrying tear,

my everything.

I love you, dear.


Heartbroken Sunflower


The sunflower lived for the sun,

one look at the ball of fire and,

the flower opened up it’s heart,

to embrace the warm rays ,

from it’s lover ,the Sun.

Everyday, for as long as it lived,

the sunflower longed to be in the vicinity,

of it’s heartthrob, the Sun.

It followed him throughout the day.

from East to West, it would sway,

as the Sun set, the flower would droop,

with dejection and heartbreak,

longing for the next day.

when it could blossom again.

Sun, mighty, powerful Sun,

unaware of the devotion of the flower,

decided to play hooky for a few days.

It didn’t show up, it stayed away.

The sunflower clutched it’s aching heart and

fell to the ground, with a moan and a sigh,

Unseeing eyes kept staring at the sky.