My Haven

There is a secret place in my rapidly beating heart,
Which is exclusively mine, my own private haven,
My personal retreat.
I am rejuvenated every time I visit here,

Life happens outside, but true life is in here.
I go through the motions of living life,
With a semblance of normalcy,
But I crave solitude to be able to visit here,
To really live.

I see you; feel you
breathe you, in here.
I remember your gentle touch,
The smell of your skin,
The sensuous look in your eyes,
Miss you so very much.

When things aren’t going my way,
And life is being a pain, and when ,
I have no say in its wayward ways,
I visit my quiet place, close my eyes.
I see your smile embrace your soul,
Am revived , again I am whole,
For a while.

Wish I could live here forever.

Undue Credit

You give me undue credit by believing,
in my ability to remain sane in this
Insane world, without you.
Don’t hold me in such high esteem,
don’t think that I won’t scream,
when the band-aid is,
ripped off my soul’s wound.
I might have smiled,
while waving goodbye,
But had you looked closely,
You would have seen,
the heartbreak in my eyes.

Your silence cuts through my soul,
speak to me, make me whole.
Whenever I speak with you,
I open a vein,
You neither see the silent cries,
Nor hear the crimson tears.

Close your eyes and see me,
Breathe me in with your touch.
You’ll miss me as such.
I, your proud strength,
You, my gentle touch.

Don’t unclench my fists, when I die,
I am holding on to your promise,
of returning soon.
Let me leave with something,
that is totally mine,