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                                                                                                  Pic credit – Pixabay


The faded pale pillowcase

Fluttering in the morning light

Makes the clothesline look weary

Narrating ordeals of the night.


Once again she cried into it

Stifling her sobs and screams

Faithfully it’s soaked up her pain

Hiding her heartbreak and dreams.


What ails her? Why is she is so sad?

On the surface all looks well

She fools the world with a brave facade

What lies beneath, who can tell?


The pillow case is her only confidante

Helping her hide her eternal plight

Protector of her vulnerable emotions

Strengthening her for the dawning light.


So I say a little prayer

When I see a pillowcase in the sun

Survival is tough in this world

For every bit helps in the long run.



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