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When it rains I laugh

Raindrops cleanse my aching heart

When it rains I cry.


When it rains I smile

Thinking of promises made

Under the umbrella. 


Heavenly showers

Wash away all dirt and grime

Minds need cleaning too.


Nature loves mankind

We all must reciprocate

It’s time to give back.


Bring back my childhood

Puddles, gum boots and paper boats

Playing in the rain.


I chased the rainbow

Looking for the pot of gold

Made up of wishes.


When it rains I dream

Of a pure and simple world

Devoid of malaise.


Sulekha Rawat

I am participating in the #WordsMatter Blog Hop.
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14 thoughts on “WHEN IT RAINS

  1. You do haikus so well Sulekha. Loved the various emotions connected to rains. Amen to that last wish, of a pure and simple world.

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