Far from the madding crowd

(The Wordy Wednesday prompt)

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She runs her hands through the warm sand.

The deserted midday beach matches her mood

The gentle waves whisper in hushed tones

Their foaming tips drench the burning land.


When had her world turned upside down?

Was it last night or early morning today?

When had she felt his breath on her cheek?

Why had he climbed into her bed, anyway?


Like a silent movie playing on the big screen,

She watches him gag, holding his throat.

The knife slips out of her clammy hand.

She hears herself start to scream.


No one can hurt her, cause any pain

No more looking over her shoulder now

She is not afraid of the dreaded shadows

Nobody can trample on her soul again.


Far from the madding crowd she sits

Staring at the ocean, silently

With her mind in the state of bliss

But heart beating erratically.


By Sulekha Rawat



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5 thoughts on “Solitude

    1. Thanks a ton, Shailaja. The prompts at B-A-R make me think out of the box and come up with new styles of creative writing. Love sitting on the bar-stools and interacting with my fellow B-A-R mates 🙂

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