Cheer Up

DSC_0629My darling, Sparky, eleven-year old baby dalmatian is suffering from renal failure. Her blood report is alarming and the vet has confirmed our fears but we continue to hope and pray for a miracle. I have spent a lot of time with her since the grim prognosis and we have developed a secret language, she has always understood my feelings but I have begun to come to know her pretty well now. She looks at me with her big, sad and beautiful eyes as if asking me what her fault is. I have no answers…

Sparky’s letter to Me

My dear Mommy,

I will always love you, unconditionally! Read Sparky’s letter here at Social Potpourri


  1. I am so very sorry about Sparky. We have dealt with renal failure in three of our pets throughout the years, so I understand just how heartbreaking it is. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Such a touching and sad post! I feel for you. So sad to have to say goodbye to a pet who is such a big part of the family. I can tell Sparky is so special to you. Having had to say goodbye to several pets over the past few years, I feel for you.

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