We will be together

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Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt #6


Wish you could have waited,

 a few more days.

My tickets were booked,

I was on my way.


The gifts are still packed,

in your favorite handmade paper

and scented lilac ribbons.

The wedding gown was a surprise,

wish you could have worn it.


I know you longed to see me.

Your damp letters soaked my being.

I was suffering like you, maybe,

even more because I couldn’t tell you,

how much your memory haunted me.

I had to be strong for both of us.


I had trusted the Universe to bring,

us together some day soon.

In my fantasies I saw,

your wide open eyes.

your smiling lips.

Felt your warm hands.

I didn’t ever want to,

see you lying still,

with your broken heart,

 left hollow without your soul.


Why didn’t I call you,

 and let you know,

of my intentions and plans?

Why did I wait so long?

How could I have been so wrong?


I knew you loved me, I do too.

But let fate get the upper hand,

I have no excuse.

Did I ever tell you,

how much I loved you?


Did you know this when you,

breathed your last?

Hope your heart didn’t break,

because of my indifference.

I wish I could undo all the wrongs.


I can sense your presence,

and know you can see me crying.

Please forgive me for not loving you,

unconditionally, though I tried.


Not all are as selfless and giving,

you were exceptional, my darling.

I don’t know what I will do.

With you gone,

there isn’t much left,

my life is agonizingly bereft.


Would you do me a favor?

Wait for me, don’t cross over yet.

I can feel my heart shattering.

My pulse is slowing down.

I am drowning in my tears.


I promise to come to you,

this time I will keep my word.

Together we will walk in the clouds,

holding hands, forever.

We will never be apart.

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26 thoughts on “We will be together

  1. Sulekha you just beautifully broke my heart.. I could feel that. I took a moment to come out of it and realize that it hasnt happened to me.. That was painful.. Well crafted.. Hope it stays a fiction ..Take care 🙂

  2. Awww 🙁 Why did he wait so long… why couldn't he have just gone ahead and told her he loves her. 🙁
    Why do waste so much time when there are important things to do…
    Lovely poem 🙂

    1. Bhavzzzz, I am guessing it's Bhavana 🙂 welcome to my blog and I agree with you about him being so late without letting her know his true feelings. Thanks for your comment

  3. Touching.
    World needs to change, so that is easier for people to say "I love you."
    But change – it won't happen. So there will be tales of people keeping their love to themselves,
    and meeting in another world .. where there is no veil for emotions.. where people speak how they feel … and all love stories have a happy ending 🙂

  4. This is so touching. Sometimes, it is better to say what's on our mind than keep it as a surprise , because there is no guarantee in life. Well written.

  5. Thanks a ton for your comment Jyoti. We all know it but very few actually have the courage to say what they feel.

  6. This is so touching. Such a lovely poem expressing love in such heartfelt manner. I felt like I could feel all that was going on inside the narrator.

    Simply lovely 🙂

  7. Beautiful poetry! Takes you right into it – and has you in its grip till the end. Touching end too. Thank you.

  8. how tragic and yet superfluous to read. the poetic element of the emotions brought out the beauty of the write up. A beautiful post 🙂


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