Kreativ Blogger Awards

Kreativ Blogger Awards

                                    Thank you Jenni De La Torre

Hello friends,
Jenni De La Torre, http://forjenssake.wordpress.com, has kindly awarded me the Kreativ Writer Award. Thank you Jenni for the honor.

Jenni says,”You will always find those who think they know what your duty is better than you know it.”-Emerson.
Jenni is a wonderful writer and her blog is a storehouse of soulful, interesting and some hard hitting articles. I have yet to read all her posts and every time I visit her blog, my soul is replenished. 

                 And Now, I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself, before I give the award to the seven talented bloggers.

I Read

I write

I laugh

I cry

I feel

I Live

I love

When you read the seven extremely Kreativ writers introductions, you realize how brilliant they all are, Visit their blogs and see for yourselves.

The Kreative writers speak for themselves
I am not a writer… I am a mere mortal who writes straight from my heart… The poems that you read are not really poems… They are the songs from my soul… The rhyme of roman hymns or ancient tales are not known to me… I grew up listening to fairy tales narrated by my grandfather… I had a strange childhood… But I am thankful to it… It gives me strength… And it made me only stronger…
I’m the mother of three, grandmother of two, slave of two demanding cats. I’ve been a widow for four years and have taught resource courses for widows and widowers. I’ve written romance novels. See my website at www.eclectics.com/ lornamichaels. Currently I’m working on a memoir titled ‘Stumbling Through the Dark.’ 
There is a certain fascination Life holds; defined in a splash of colours of despair, faith, love, conflict, happiness and a sense of awareness. My Life is a maze, a tangled web of emotions, thoughts and feelings I write down so I can breathe. I am not at the end of my journey. Each passing moment is a journey in itself. My writings reflect my journey and I share my life through this. A gypsy through Life, my journey is endless, my day here, a pause, before I become aware of what more…

Welcome! This blog is my way of reminiscing, of revisiting experiences, events, conversations, triumphs and tribulations. It’s hard to keep up when so many things happen, way too quickly and perhaps all at the same time. I started this blog in 2007. What started on a lark has turned into a delightful passion, something I feel strongly about and enjoy engaging in. I blog mostly about my two munchkins who just like any healthy, active kids, keep me on my toes.
 I observe everything and experienced countless imaginable and unimaginable events in my life. I’m blogging about these experiences in hopes that I can touch people in a way that makes you have a good belly laugh…grit your teeth in frustration…long in anticipation…cry tears of joy and sorrow…nod your head thinking “yes, I can relate to that”…and dream dreams of a brighter tomorrow. My goal as a writer is to enlighten and entertain you, to inspire and to move you. If my words have merit in your heart, then you will “feel me.” Strive each day towards your own joy. Be grateful for what you have, and not bitter for what you don’t have. Love, don’t hate. Truth, not lies. Fair, not scandalous. Smile often.
Howdy; my name is Roy.  I am 64 year past my birth.  I got hitch to a loving wife 43 years ago. I have one stepson, one foster son, one foster daughter, one son, one daughter, 19 grand kids, and one great grandson. According to my first grandson” I am not a cowboy I’m a spaceman that fixes things.” 
I am a woman with no great demands..my family and friends mean the world to me…my biggest support and critic is my daughter..and her approval is very important.Life has not been very easy,but now I have decided to live it to the fullest.I believe I would rather live in pain with dignity,rather than living without pain as a fool.I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations,nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine…

Lucks aka Sulekha

24 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Awards

  1. i am humbled and honored thank you. you have made some great choices to award his honor too. thank you god bless you

  2. I don't think you know how touching and needed your words about me and my writing were today. Thank you for reconfirming the reason why I write to begin with. You are a wonderful person and I am proud to call you friend.
    Congrats to you and all the deserving award winners.

  3. You are the best Sulekha… you thrive in simplicity and love and purity of soul. You are an extremely deep person. I loved the seven things you told about yourself and the seven blogs you've chosen. They would also be my choice.


  4. Congratulations Sulekha. I feel the same way that you have for Jenni's posts.

    You are all worth reading. All the best!

  5. Congratulation Outlier. You are a Kreativ Blogger! I read almost all the seven talented bloggers you have honored this award with except maybe two. Must go and visit them. Congrats once again.

  6. Congrats my darling Mitr and as always such worthy people you have chosen to pass the awards to.. I am a fan of all mentioned in the post.

  7. @Lavina, Thank you so much for the compliment.

    @Roy, congrats and you deserve it and many more. The other bloggers are great too, I am so thrilled to award them.

  8. @Jenni, You are marvelous, keep writing and don't bother about the wet blankets of this world. Glad to be your friend too.


  9. @Melissa, thank you friend and you are a wonderful person, who gives without expecting anything in return. Great to know you and thank you for making my poem magical.

  10. @Blognostics, yes Jen is great. Thanks for the comment.

    @Rimly, thanks and please do visit the new bloggers, they are amazing.

  11. @The Invisible Art, thank you so much.

    @Kriti, Thanks Mitr, aren't they all amazing?

    @Irfanuddin, thank you for your compliment.

  12. @Sukanya, congrats and thanks, wow you are good. I have to give yet another long overdue award, which Rimly had awarded me.

    @David, thank you so much. I am an open book but some pages are upside down.God bless…:)

  13. Hi Sulekha –

    I appreciate very much that you considered me in your nominations. I'm very surprised and thankful that you've noticed me. God Bless You. 🙂

  14. @Charlie, You can't hide talent and sincerity, your blog deserves this and many more awards. Happy to have come in contact with you and your versatile blog. Congrats…

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